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About Us

Here at Ecochoices, we’re committed to creating zero-waste solutions that make everyday sustainable living possible. We began Ecochoices because we knew we had an idea that could spark positive change. And today, we’re still constantly striving to set the standard for sustainable business practices. 

We left our jobs in corporate America almost 20 years ago to pursue the vision we had of a better way to do business. After watching big brands at the time view corporate responsibility as a shackle rather than a chance to improve, we started with an idea for a business where responsibility was an integral part of everything we did. Not just a department.

Ecochoices began as a case study for how business could be. We wanted to prove that you could have it all. Sustainable product with direct oversight, social responsibility, and a financially successful business. We knew it was possible for business to create positive change. Looking back, we’d like to think that the experiment went pretty well.

Back to Nature

With roots in the Pacific Northwest, we have a strong connection to and respect for the natural environment. We understand that living and creating in harmony with the natural environment is at the heart of sustainability. After spending time traveling and living in Asia, we were introduced to bamboo- a naturally renewable resource. And after seeing bamboo being used for everything from scaffolding to daily use items, we were reminded of what we’ve always felt to be true: it was time to go back to nature.


Small Changes, Big Impacts

We believe in the power of small changes to create a better world. Every time we replace a plastic spoon with a natural alternative, we don’t just make a safer and healthier choice, both for you and the plant. We start to shift to a new way of thinking. By introducing renewable materials into daily life, sustainability becomes part of the conversation. And what better place to start making change than in the kitchen, where we join together to share, enjoy, and refuel. Small changes add up, and we’re proud to be part of your eco-friendly journey.

Our Company Values

We set out to create a business that reflected our personal values, and they remain unchanged today. At Bambu, we strive to:

• Turn people onto renewable materials and discourage the use of plastic and other harmful materials
• Support organizations doing good work and give back to the causes that matter
• Treat people fairly and provide opportunities to others 
• Create products that are beautiful, affordable, and accessible
• Be an example for businesses to operate responsibly and with care
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